Diet Isn't A Temporary Thing | With Obino Healthy Habits Are For Life
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Diet Isn’t A Temporary Thing | With Obino Healthy Habits Are For Life

Read how Juhi Tiwari Lost 10 kilos in just 12 weeks!*

I am 24 years old and a sedentary lifestyle coupled with emotional eating due to stress lead to my weight gain. All the junk food & long gap between meals showed their results and the numbers on the weighing scale kept going up. I felt bloated and found it difficult to bend. My knee and ankles were stressed due to weight which caused pain. I have been trying to lose weight for almost 2 years. Tried different means and dietitians. I lost weight too but gained all of it back. Diet Isn’t A Temporary Thing | With Obino Healthy Habits Are For Life.

Luckily My Friend Suggested Obino

My friend introduced me to Obino app as she was already on the plan. She gave me a wonderful feedback and told me that with Obino I don’t need to stop eating but just cut down on the portions and eat healthily. She became a source of inspiration for me and I finally signed up with Obino.

Obino Was A Great Decision

I have been very happy with Obino and my Coach Vriti actually guided me with healthy and tasty food options. The best part is I can’t stand junk now! I am grateful to Obino for that. This was an unimaginable figure for me. It’s a super achievement for me. I am eating a lot of healthy foods now. Healthy habits have been inculcated in me such that even when I go out, my eyes automatically search for healthier options on the menu. My knee pain has completely gone. I feel very light and I am back to my flexible body days!

Greatest breakthrough

Obino’s coaching benefitted me such that I lost 10 kilos in just 12 weeks. Loosing 1 kg per week was really nice.* It kept me motivated and try and aim for more reductions. I also lost stubborn tummy fat which is a relief.

Healthy Habits Will Stick With Me Forever

I have cut down on Sugar, Butter, Cheese, Mayo etc. I eat at regular intervals and small portions. Earlier I would skip breakfast then I started to eat. Include a lot of fruit and salads in my diet. No longer hog onto favorite calorie-rich dishes. I rather enjoy them with a little healthy twist.

I would say have trust in yourself, be strong and follow Obino!!!


*Results may vary from person to person

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