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Diabetes is alarmingly spreading worldwide. It’s a silent killer meaning it disrupts the functioning of important organs like kidney, eye or can target neurons gradually which can be fatal. Hence, managing diabetes is essential. This comes by learning from experts.

Many people consider diabetes as a disease. Ideally, it’s a disorder where pancreas start stimulating less insulin than normal which leads to high sugar levels in blood and this doesn’t let glucose reach the cells. People detected with diabetes get stressed and feel they cannot lead a normal life. But, that is not the case, it is all about understanding the mechanism and correcting your lifestyle to lead a normal life.

Focus should be on food followed by activity and last should be the medication. If expert instructions are followed well, your diabetes would be under control. However, when it comes to food, many hold a lot of misconceptions about foods good or bad for them. In this blog, I would like to clear such myths floating around..

“I cannot have rice due to diabetes”

Did you know that be it diabetes or weight loss, it isn’t just the type of food but the portion that matters. If you eat everything in the right portion and with the right balance, it will not harm you.  Rice contains simple carbohydrate which can be easily broken down in the body causing a sugar load, so eat a bowl of salad before your meal and include proteins from whole pulses/dals and you are good to go. A good replacement for white rice can be brown rice with more amount of fiber in it.

“I love potatoes but Diabetes means No Potatoes”

The good news for all you potato lovers is that you can have potatoes or other ground vegetables but in moderation. Just like I mentioned above the idea is to balance. Add a high fiber vegetable along with potato to aid in slow release of sugar in the body. Though being high on carbohydrate, it is also rich in Vitamin B6 which helps in nerve functioning at cellular level. A boiled potato/barbequed or a grilled one is a better option than fried ones.

“I quit sugar yet my blood sugar levels are not in control”

Many say, I avoid sugary stuff, still, my sugars are not under control. However, if you see the other part of their diet, it’s loaded with carbs & fats meaning deep fried stuff/chips/wafers etc. The myth is that diabetics need to avoid sugar only and everything else is fine. But the excess fat gets deposited at the abdominal region which resists insulin from reaching the cell. This leads to rising of the sugar in the blood. Thus, along with the sugar, excess fat & oil need to be kept at bay. Remember, not all fats are bad. So go for healthier options like steaming, baking, roasting, stir-frying instead of deep frying.

“Fruits contain sugar so I need to avoid them”

The truth is that fruits are natural sugars and give instant energy. The type of fruit and moderation matters. For e.g if you are having starchy fruits like chikoo, banana, mangoes, etc you need to have lesser portion than when you eat high fibrous fruits like orange, sweet lime, kiwi, etc.  Fruits are packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Munch onto a fruit during mid meals or add it to your morning cereals to reap their benefits. It is always better to opt for a whole fruit instead of fruit juice.

These are only few of the many myths around. So always ask an expert and stay informed. It will help you manage your lifestyle better.

To conclude, a message to all diabetics, that you can lead a normal life as others by leading a healthy and balanced lifestyle and not going overboard.

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