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Common dressing up mistakes that make us look bulky!

Do you avoid things that make you look overweight like mirrors and photographs? We can fix the mirrors, really that’s no joke. There are common mistakes in the way(s) we wear our clothes that makes our body look wider. Clothes should enhance our personality not make us feel odd and not so good about our bodies. Today let us talk about the 5 dressing up mistakes and see how we can fix it.

1.SKIN TIGHT DRESSES: A clingy skin tight dress is a strict no-no as it highlights the love handles, tummy, thigh and hip bulges in a not so flattering way, more so if it is made of a knit (hosiery) fabric. The idea is to make your clothes work for your body type and enhance the person and the personality that you are. Tight dresses are uncomfortable and do nothing to flatter your bodies. Instead go for a, A-line dresses that give a slight definition of waist and go away from the body and take attention away from thighs and hips.

2. LOOSE CLOTHES: As important it is to not wear skin tight clothes, it is equally important to not wear loose clothes. However comfortable it may sound in our head or feel on our bodies, loose and oversized clothing makes us look a couple of sizes bigger than we actually are. Wearing oversized clothes does nothing to enhance our personality and makes us come across as under groomed. The idea is to not go away from our bodies rather stay within decent limits of too loose or too tight. Try wearing  clothes just right for your size and see the difference.

3. WEARING WRONG UNDERGARMENTS: How you look outside is all about how you feel inside. It totally applies to wearing the right undergarments. Besides medical implications, wearing a wrong Bra leads to discomfort and excess fat coming out from sides of armholes is definitely an eyesore. The right bra helps you shape your silhouette by keeping your chest back and gives you a definition of waist.

4. WEARING SKINNY JEANS: Wearing Skinny Jeans is a not so effective way to look slimmer. Just like a tight fitted dress, skinny jeans also highlight legs in a not so pleasing way. Moreover most of the skinny jeans are either low waist or mid rise hence push the flab over the tummy area which definitely is not a good idea. The idea is to wear denims that have a slight taper on the outside starting from the knee to give visual continuity of the shape and the length.

5. The 3/4th: It is high time that you ditch the 3/4th length for your lowers. Be it your track pants, jeans or cotton pants this length does absolutely nothing to flatter your body instead cuts your leg in a not so impressive way, makes you look short and stout. Instead take that length to your ankles or a tad bit longer but never ever 3/4th….period.



These are certain No’s that if you simply follow, you would definitely see the change in how you look into the mirror at yourself. Do share your experiences and tell me what difference these tips made to how you look and feel.

Dress Right, Dress Stylish and Be Confident!

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