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How to Break through a Weight Plateau?

Over the past 6 months I managed to lose 13 kgs and a considerable amount of inches all by myself, without hitting a Weight Plateau. I was thrilled at the thought that I have finally cracked the code of weight loss without paying a dietician or a fitness trainer. I was rejoicing, buying new clothes, flaunting myself in my skinny jeans which was my ultimate goal and trying to give advise to others on how to lose weight.

2014.10.01 - How to Break Through a Weight Plateau - Image1.jpgAnd then the inevitable happened…..I just stopped losing weight.

I was following the same diet and getting the same amount of exercise but the weighing scale wouldn’t budge. I realized weight loss plateau isn’t a myth after all and I am now its latest victim.

Did I lose hope? Yes.

Was I frustrated- Hell yes!!!

At first, I thought I had reached my body’s “comfort” weight and I should just aim at sustaining it rather than trying to lose more weight. Unfortunately, I wasn’t happy with this decision as I am still 3 kgs away from the target I had set for myself for this year. That’s when I realized I have to do something about it. I researched on the internet, spoke to friends and experts and made an action plan for myself.


Trick the body

Simply put, I discovered that my body has gotten used to my new diet plan and the exercises and I would need to take steps to “jolt” it back into the weight loss mode and break through this Weight Plateau.

So, this is what I plan to do over the course of next 2 weeks.

1)     Have an “eat out” day

2014.10.01 - How to break through a Weight Plateau - Image2Yes, you heard it right. I am going to forget about eating healthy for a day and a pick a few things  from the forbidden food list I have for myself- maybe an ice cream , a bowl of white rice or a big bar of chocolate right before I sleep.

Of course I am faced with a tough task of deciding which one do I want the most 😉

2)     Detox

Next day will be a detox day. I plan to do a salt free breakfast, lunch & dinner . Oats, milk, fruits, muesli and salads will be my best friend. Over the course of 2 weeks I intend  to have atleast 2 to 3 detox days

3)     Make a New Diet Plan for myself

When I started the diet I followed almost the same eating plan consistently.My dinner always was grilled chicken with steamed veggies. However I have now decided to add different items to the menu. Planning ahead will ensure I stock my kitchen with what I need . I plan not to eat the same thing for more than 2 days. The breakfast options would have eggs, oats, multigrain toast, muesli, cold coffee without sugar. Lunch would comprise of multigrain roti, brown rice, besan chilla, salad , dal and raita. Dinner: Now this is going to be a challenge as I have been religiously eating chicken for dinner. I plan to add fish, lentils, soyabean, smoothies and some other sources of protein.

[color]TRY THIS: Get Diet Plans from Experts – 7 Different Diet Plans To Choose From![/color]

4)     Change Exercise Types

2014.10.01 - How to break through a Weight Loss Plateau - Image3Instead of doing the same set of exercises on all days it’s time to spice it up. I plan to do add variation in the workout pattern and mix it up. I will alternate the amount of weights I do by lifting more on some days and going lighter on other days.

Similarly more cardio on few days and less on the other.

I am keen to explore other fitness options like yoga, zumba etc but that’s for later in the year.

5)     Weigh Myself Everyday

One thing that has been by guide through this weight loss journey is my weighing machine. Yes, I weigh myself first thing every morning . This keeps me on track and every time I fall off the wagon it brings me back to reality. This will be my friend to understand if the various changes I am making is yielding any result or not.

6)     Keep a track not only of Kilos but Inches as well

Losing weight is not only about dropping pounds but also losing the extra bulges. In all likelihood there would be instances when the weighing scale doesn’t show any improvement but there has been some amount of inch loss. So instead of getting disappointed I will use the 2 point checks in place to see how I am doing

So here I am signing off with this plan in my head that I am starting tomorrow.

I am determined to break this plateau and will do what it takes. But right now, I am going to enjoy the chocolate fudge ice cream that I just ordered..yes I finally decided what I wanted to eat;)

Do tune in next month to check if  I managed to be victorious in my battle of staying fit.. After all  “ WHY CHOOSE FAILURE WHEN SUCCESS IS AN OPTION “

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