Qualifications - Certified sports nutrition counsellor from K11, India’s premier fitness and nutrition institute. - Certification in Kids nutrition from NESTA (National exercise and sports trainer association, USA). - Lifestyle weight management Coaching from NESTA - Professional Certified Life Coach and Master Spiritual Coach with the ICF - International Coach Federation) - NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming from Vitality living college. Hypnotherapy level1 from CHII I use real life examples from every day experiences to help illustrate new perspectives people can use to make changes in their own lives to what they say they want to be, do and have. My vision is to empower and inspire women and men internationally to be the best they can in thought, word and deed . My clients, who range from corporate executives, businessmen and women, housewives and kids have experienced weight loss, muscle gain and and the ability to cultivate healthy relationships with their lifestyles in matter of health and fitness.