From Shweta herself... I’m 32 years old & I gain weight at the drop of a hat. So to stay fit I have always had to be very conscious of what I eat and to maintain an active lifestyle. And its only when I have slipped up on either of these, that I’ve gone back to being fat! My wardrobe keeps oscillating between skinny jeans and loose kurtis. And funnily enough, at some time or the other I manage to fit into both of these so I never end up chucking either one of them. Though I’m comfortable with myself whether I weigh 60 or 80 kgs, I must say that like everybody I prefer the former. Post the birth of my baby, I’m a work from home mom , which means that I spend most of my day in pajama’s, in a chair adding to that C-Section tummy bulge. While I am currently overweight and have tons of post pregnancy weight to lose, I know that since I have done it in the past…I will be able to do it again. This time, I plan to maintain it.