As Shruti says... I am 35 years old and have been overweight for almost all of my life. From a chubby child to a skinny teen (thanks to an unexpected height spurt) to being an overweight adult and then to full-on-fatness once Motherhood hit. And yes, I’m also a Mom, who is trying to “fatten up” my toddler as she simply doesn’t eat (Isn’t that what we all do?) I used to be depressed – stuffing my face with food, crying over my weight and then eating some more. I used to hate exercising – citing my bad knee as an excuse, blaming genes for the weight gain and then moping as to why that 1 kg I lost came back as 2. But not anymore. I frankly don’t remember how or why my Eureka moment happened. All I know is that it happened on its own. I wasn’t inspired, bullied or criticized into losing weight – I simply wanted a change and I did it, mostly on my own. (The Husband watched from afar and mumbled neutral words of commentary. He had seen me try and fail much too often to try and offer me advice, for his own good) So here I am now – weight 68 Kgs on a 5ft 3 inch frame. I’m still overweight, I know. But considering that I was a weightier 91 Kgs exactly 18 months ago it’s a Huge Win.’