I’m Lekshmi Radhakrishnan and I live in Houston in Texas, USA. I must admit that I haven't been on a 'diet' or owned a gym membership since 2008. I think that’s bcos sitting on a bike and pedalling really hard knowing very well that I am not going to get anywhere really bothers me. I personally think that the best way to stay fit mentally and physically is to engage in physical activities that you enjoy and if possible get plenty of sunshine while you're at it! And so some of my favorite activities include hiking, backpacking, biking, camping, stargazing, gardening, cooking and photography. I have lived as a vegetarian, trying to eat only fresh, local, organic, whole foods for nearly 10 years. And it was during this period that I lost the most amount of weight without even trying. Last year I transitioned into a completely plant-based diet because I could no longer justify supporting animal agriculture and its detrimental effects on my health, the environment and sentient beings. One of my favorite pastimes is to tweak classic Indian recipes with flavor, nutrition and compassion in mind and I can't wait to share them with you! You can also follow me at www.smartncompassionate.com. Here's to good health, critical thinking and compassion!