Komal Lad is a Post Graduate with a specialization in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics from SNDT Women’s University (Juhu), and holds a 6+ years of experience in Weight loss counseling and Clinical Nutrition. She herself is an avid foodie and a travel enthusiast. As we all know, To live one must eat. But, we not only eat to live, what we eat also affects our ability to keep healthy, do work, to be happy and to live well. Knowledge of what to eat and in what quantities is a prerequisite to the healthy and happy life. As a Health Coach she believes that in today’s fast paced lifestyle, it is important not just to be Nutritionally Aware but also be aware of other factors like stress, lifestyle disorders and sleep pattern which affect the body! Nutrition and Lifestyle counseling and inculcating the right healthy eating habits is her passion. Its Health, the greatest of all we count as blessings!!