A sarcastic remark by a Shop Assistant in a departmental store when I wanted to try a coat snapped something inside me. My 172 cms frame had overgrown to 104 Kgs with a Waist size of 44 & a BMI >32. My Body Fat % had risen to around 30% & I had a triple chin and a bloated face. I had never been to a Gym for more than 3 weeks in my 44 years. Diets had not lasted for more than 10 days. Blood pressure had become normal at 140/100 and lipid profile was near the danger mark. Sugar and Thyroid were normal but I had almost everything stacked against me when the journey started on 27.11.2011. It has been much more than a roller coaster ride since then. Today, at 79 kgs ,with 8 inches off my waist and my body fat at 18%,I can now slip into a size 40 Slim Cut shirt effortlessly. I don’t have to struggle to remain focussed on eating right and push my body to new exercise regimes. It has now become a part of my life and I hope that it remains that way.