I love food and I am a vegetarian. I can say that now but I admit that over the years, it took me quite a while to realize how much I love food, especially healthy and easy to make yummy food that hits the spot after a long day at work! So here I am to share my tried-tested-proven Healthy Recipes with all you fitness enthusiasts. And I hope that each of you will find out, like I did, how easy it is, to eat healthy and stay slim & trim as I’ve done over the years, with minimal effort! I would again like to highlight that all the images shown in this blog have been taken by me and each Recipe personally tried out at home with my Friends & Family before I shared them with you. A word of warning – these are definitely not your average vegetarian dishes as they will appeal broadly to a young and trendy palate but because of their simplicity of preparation and easy ingredients, I am sure these will eventually become your kitchen favorites! You can also follow me on www.muncheeys.com