An aspiring air force student's inspiring story to get the perfect body
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An aspiring air force student’s inspiring story to get the perfect body

Read how an aspiring air force student’s inspiring story to get the perfect body 

Ishan Chaudhary, an airforce student lost 3.5 kilos in just a week.*

Know an aspiring air force student’s inspiring story to get the perfect body. As any other student, even I wasn’t really conscious about my eating habits. But since I had qualified for the air force I knew I had to clear my medicals and that was a bit in question because of my weight. My BMI was high and I have to get it to normal values to clear my tests. I wondered how, as I haven’t been majorly overweight, but rather have a muscular body.

My mother was using the Obino app and she had progressed well with their coaching programs. Seeing her progress I too decided to take up a weight loss program with Obino. That’s how I began my journey towards better health.

My Goal

My goal is to reduce my weight from 77 kilos to 63 kilos. As I am sharing my story, I am already 3.5 kilos down in the first week itself.*

Obino was very supportive

The people at Obino namely, my diet coach Priyanka and fitness coach Abhishek have both been very supportive and also very receptive to my own inputs and goals and have been an immense help so far. Initially, I binged a lot of junk foods with long meal gaps and ended up overeating. Staying in a hostel meant a good amount of unhealthy eating. Salads and fruits were never a part of my diet. But thanks to Obino, I am completely on track now. The greatest breakthrough I have ever achieved was losing 3.5 kilos in just the first week itself and adapting to the easy diet and workout schedule given by my coaches.* I was training twice a day with bodyweight workouts and outdoor running. I have been enjoying the journey so far.

My current Lifestyle

I’ve incorporated salads into my meals and have reduced my carbohydrate intake, simultaneously focusing on my protein count. This is something which I have never done earlier. This is helping me keep a balance of nutrients as suggested by my coach.

Advice to others

Well, the beginning is the toughest time and adapting to the diet is the most difficult but also the most crucial phase. That is mainly where you need to make sure you don’t give up. Don’t worry, your results will show with time. So hang in there.

*Results may vary from person to person

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