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I Almost Gave Up, Until Obino Happened | Kanika Sharma

“I struggled to gain weight for 8 years, but gained 2 kilos in just 1 month with Obino”

While everyone around me struggled or rather wished for a weight loss, I wished for a weight gain. No matter what I did, I was always skinny. I never felt healthy being skinny. I was low on stamina, felt weak and I obviously couldn’t donate blood. While I was looking to change my job, I joined Obino as an iOS Developer.

Obino – A Healthy Workplace

I am glad I did, because the environment here motivated a healthy lifestyle. I worked out of the Delhi office, while all the diet coaches sat in the Mumbai office. One day they came up with a healthy BMI competition wherein we had to reach the green zone of the BMI, a healthy BMI. While working here, I read and heard many stories of people getting back to their healthy lifestyle either by gaining or losing weight. This motivated me and I decided I could take some help.

My Weight Gain Journey

I took up the weight gain program subscribing to the app and coach Aasavaree was assigned to me. Before Obino, I had a misconception that my diet is correct, there might be some other problem. But after Obino, I came to know that my calorie intake was very low and there was a huge gap between my meals. Moreover with increased calorie consumption, I started eating healthy and protein-rich diet under the guidance of my coach Aasavaree. I was at the same weight since last 8 years. But post Obino’s subscription, I gained 2 kilos in just one month. This was a huge achievement for me.

Earlier, I used to skip my meals creating long gaps between two meals. While now, I have a healthy schedule. I never knew what I am eating matters more than just eating your food.

 Advice to Others

Most of the times, we assume that our diet is right on track, but that may not be the case. A professional consultation is always required to improve your quality of life.

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