A Healthy Lifestyle Made Me Confident & Active
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A Healthy Lifestyle Made Me Confident & Active | Neetu Raghav | Weight Loss Story

Read how Neetu Raghav lost 5 kilos in 1 month & felt confident and active

I am Neetu Raghav, a teacher by profession & 32 years old. I have thyroid which caused a slowed metabolism leading to weight gain. A healthy lifestyle made me confident & active.

Limitations I Faced With My Weight

My increased weight made me feel so tired all the time. It even affected my confidence and I started avoiding social gatherings. As a teacher, I have to face a different kind of challenges daily, but I wasn’t able to give my 100% due to my health. With a very low energy level, my efficiency kept decreasing day by day.

Trying Out Obino

Looking at me struggling to deal with everyday tasks, my sister introduced me to Obino App saying it helped in weight loss. I half-heartedly downloaded the app not trusting much in whether it will deliver results. As a trial, I took up a one month plan. Just in few days, I would say I was surprised and happy. Hats Off to my coach Aasavaree who made me realize how useful it is.

And The Amazing Changes That Followed

Once I started following a good schedule suggested by my coach I felt so many positive changes. I feel lighter, active and most importantly I have started losing weight which is a dream come true. All of this made me believe Obino has been doing an amazing work.

And what have I been learning from my coaches? Eating small regular meals to improve metabolism which I wasn’t aware of. This worked wonders and I don’t feel any food cravings. All thanks to Obino for making me feel healthy and confident about myself.

Advice to others

A simple advice I would like to give to anybody struggling with their weight and health is – *JUST GO WITH OBINO* This is where you will find yourself truly!

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