9 ways to make diwali binge-free & healthy
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9 Ways To Make Diwali Binge-Free & Healthy

The festive season has begun and our excitement sees no bounds. The lights, the bling, the chatter, the food, everything seems awaited.

Come Diwali, and the outings, guests, dinner parties, etc, are inevitable. Often, we end up indulging in sweets and other sinful foods and then feel guilty for all the wrong eating.  This then makes us look for some easy and quick ways to shed off the extra kilos that we gain during this festive season. But, the unfortunate part is that a shortcut weight loss will have a YO-YO effect (bounce back).

Well, so precaution is better than cure!

This would help you stay away from the vicious cycle of binging – feeling guilty – weight gain – shortcut weight loss – bounce back – another guilt trip.

Here are the 9 ways to make Diwali binge-free & healthy.

1. Eat before heading out

If you plan to go out, don’t go on an empty stomach. Eat a small snack before you head out. Choose snacks like boiled corn, mix veggie salad, a fruit bowl, sprouts, veggie soup, yogurt with crushed nuts, whole wheat bread sandwich, etc. This will keep you full and thereby prevent binging/overeating.

2. Balance your meals

If one meal goes for a toss, make sure the rest of the meals are absolutely on track. E.g. If you have a dinner party planned, make sure your meals through the day (breakfast, lunch, snacking items) are very much balanced and healthier.

3. Be Hydrated

Sip water frequently throughout the day. It will keep you hydrated and will also satiate the false hunger as our body tends to get confused between thirst and hunger signals.

4. Pick healthier desserts

Choose dry fruits/fruits/kheer/phirni/shrikhand (you can make it using hung curd)/dark chocolates/dink laddoos (gum arabic)/ sheera/ date rolls/ date-walnut mithai, etc. over any other sugar-loaded sweets. Sweets made from jaggery, raisins, stevia, dates or organic honey are good to go. Remember, we need to take care of the portions too. Use low-fat milk for all milk sweet preparations.

5. Learn to compensate

It’s true that saying “NO” when you are offered sweets by your loved ones especially during this festive season is going to be difficult. Don’t worry! Pick one, eat it mindfully and enjoy the eating experience. Now you know what to do next. Compensate for your extra caloric intake in your following meals. More fiber (salads, veggies), good amount of proteins and lesser carbs.

6. Go easy on alcohol

It’s a major dehydrator and contains empty calories. Choose red wine or vodka over any other hard drinks. Sangria would be the best option here (cut fruits in red wine). Ditch the sugary beverages and switch to club soda or tonic water.

7. Be a health-conscious host this Diwali

Serve snacks like dhokla, masala peanuts, unsalted nuts and dry fruits, sprout-chaat, fruit salad, idlis, baked chaklis. Avoid serving soft drinks or artificial juices. Lemon water, jal jeera, flavored milk, spiced buttermilk, fresh fruit juices and mocktails would be some better options here.

8. Pop in anti-oxidants

Firecrackers are going to pollute the air. The pollutants (free radicals) have an easy access to our body as we breathe. Neutralize the free radicals by consuming adequate antioxidants through colorful fruits, berries, and vegetables.

9. Burn calories

Last but not the least, don’t forget to work out! Workouts would kick your body metabolism in high gear, helping you burn calories faster. It’s best to get your workout done before going out for a party. The spiked metabolism would help you burn better when you eat at the party.

Enjoy the festival, stay mindful throughout and have a great time! Happy Diwali Folks!


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