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5 Street Foods That Are Surprisingly Healthy

Since I was on weight loss diet/regime “khau galli “  had suddenly become” kya khau is galli?” We all have a notion that diet foods are always bland/tasteless but then I realized that a lot of our yummy Indian street foods can be healthy too. So for all our chat lovers, relish these 5 healthy street foods even while you are watching your diet!

1. Sukha Bhel

While Pani puri’s and sev puri’s are blacklisted as the puri’s and sev are fried, sukha bhel is one chaat you can relish guilt free.  And the best part is that you can make it even more healthier by topping it up with lots of crunchy veggies (cucumber, tomatoes, onion etc.) and chana.

Health Tip: Perfect snack for weight watchers if they can refrain from the sweet chutney and sev in it.

2. Chana Chaat

This is one protein-packed snack for all. For the vegetarians especially, the only source of proteins are dairy and pulses /legumes. While dairy products are at times fattening and having dal/pulses daily could get boring, chana chaat is the perfect high protein chatpata snack option.

Health tip: Sev on top and butter inside can be your diet spoiler, watch out!

3. Dhokla/Idli/Dosa

Wonder where do the vegetarian’s get all their proteins from? It’s all hidden in their breakfast and snacks like dhokla, khandvi, handvo, idli/dosa/appams etc. While besan is the main ingredient in Gujarati snacks, South Indians get it through a mix of carbs and proteins. These foods also have a higher nutritive value as they are fermented. Being steamed they consume less oil and have fewer calories too. So, go out and munch on those healthy bites.

Health Tip: Don’t let the oil loaded tadka affect it’s “ Low Calorie” tag

4. Fruit Chaat

This is the healthiest of all you can opt for. A colorful mix fruit chaat is not just a treat to your taste buds but your eyesight as well. Along with giving you a wider variety of nutrients, they will give you more benefits than a single fruit alone.

Health Tip: Mind your portion while you savor the flavorful treat.

5. Vegetable Sandwich

Having plain salads can be boring at times. But the same stuff sprinkled with tangy sauces and chutneys and wrapped in bread can turn into a yummy snack option. To add on more benefits select whole wheat/multigrain bread.

Health Tip: Go for green chutneys and low fat dressings and increase the crunchy veggies to keep it healthy.


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