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Prevent your gadgets from keeping you awake at night

We are now living in a digital era where technology doesn’t leave our side. An understanding of how electronics affect us, especially our sleep becomes essential. Just like we focus on a diet detox, digital detox has become equally important now.

Nearly all gadgets like phones, tablets, laptop and TV have bright screens emitting blue light that has a direct effect on our sleep pattern. Researchers have discovered that using electronic devices for two hours before bed can cause sleeping issues.

Our body clock (Circadian Rhythm) is developed according to the sun’s movement, sunlight exposure stimulates alertness and darkness stimulates sleep. This procedure increases and decreases the hormone called melatonin.

Gadgets influence our melatonin level. Electronic gadgets discharge blue light which bar melatonin generation delaying the onset of sleep. The kind of light discharged by present-day screens impact our sleep pattern as they stimulate our brains and keep us alert.

Try setting the deadline to avoid gadget’s use at least two hours before bed. If keeping them with you is essential, here are few tips to help you sleep better :

Prefer Smaller Screen Gadgets in Night Time:

If you do need to use your gadgets to respond to an email in bed, it’s slightly better using your phone instead of laptop or tablet. Make sure to use night mode to dim down the brightness.

Reading :

A decent substitution of gadgets is reading. Reading a book under lamplight is a good decision. Likewise utilizing an e-ink tablet is additionally a smart thought, since it doesn’t create a similar sort of blue light that a cell phone or tablet would.

Lower The Brightness Level:

The bright screen discharges light which tells the brain that it’s still morning time, and because of this, you can struggle with a sleeping disorder due to lack of sleep. So it is recommended that you lower the brightness level while using gadgets.

Use LED Bulb For Lamps:

The light/lamp bulb also emits blue light, so you can prefer LED bulbs while reading in the night which is cool for your eyes too.

Use Amber-Lensed Goggles:

Amber-lensed goggles help in blocking the blue light released from electronic devices and protect the retina.

Ideally, by decreasing your time on bright screen devices you can make space for quality time for your friends and family as well. Follow the above tips, sleep sound and wake up fresh to have a rocking day ahead.

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