7 Things Weight-Loss-Experts Won’t Tell You!
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7 Things Weight-Loss-Experts Won’t Tell You!

Guest Blogger – Shruti Haksar Successful DIY Weight Losser!

I am pretty sure that most of you who are trying to or want to lose weight have read Ms. Rujuta’s books. I have – I freely admit that I have read many, many books on the often-confusing topic of weight loss, be it on the aspects of diet or exercise.

It clearly seems that for the enviable Kareena Kapoor, Ms. Rujuta’s ideologies have worked like a dream.

For me…well…not so much!

Over the years, in the pursuit of the weight-loss mirage, I have been to many Dieticians and in the process, have managed to do a lot of some research on popular international Diets like GM and Atkins.

Not just research – I tried them all out & failed spectacularly

This doesn’t even begin to take into account all the money, time and effort I have put into following these insane Diets. And I’ll admit that even before I tried them out, I did not understand the logic of eating only fruits one day, veggies the next, or eating according to your blood type! (In fact, this eating basis your blood-type is something you will hear a lot of Indian Dieticians expounding on as well – as far as I have been able to figure out…it has no scientific basis!)

Overall, the point I’m making is that I don’t believe in Dieticians – at least not the kind who tell you that they can guarantee a certain amounts of weight loss in a month or inch-loss in a sitting, and so on and so forth! There are even some who will confidently tell you there is No need for you to Exercise. Ever!

And there will always be gullible people who will follow that advice!  

It makes me want to scream out loud!!! So instead of busting your ear-drums I’m noting these few pointers for anyone who has genuinely ever wanted to lose weight.

These are things that I have learnt at great personal cost and I hope that my scars will teach you caution!

1.      Crash Diets Don’t Work!

I strongly believe that as an adult woman, your daily calorie intake should be at least 1500 calories a day. This is taking into account a regular light exercise schedule. And if anyone tells you otherwise then I assure you, you are being taken for a ride.

2.      Don’t Cut The Carbs!

I cannot be vehement enough on this front! You cannot and should not cut out one major food group from your Diet completely. How is it then a balanced Diet? And if this food group is one major source of energy and nutrients for your body, how can you not expect cravings??? I think…No I know that you must eat ‘Everything’ but in moderation!

3.      Exercise Is A Must!

Without physical activity of at least 30 minutes a day, your body IS going to degenerate. Our bodies were not meant to sit still, they were meant to be used, to be kept active and through that activity – healthy! So, go ahead, burn off some of that high-calorie food that you are bound to eat. Eat and eat peacefully, knowing fully well that you will soon be burning it off with some healthy, blood-circulation promoting exercise. And for god’s sakes…stop feeling guilty for eating!

4.      Our Goals Are The Problem!

Think about it? Is Weight-Loss really your Goal? Or is the intent that you started this journey with very different. Is having a good-looking, healthy fit & functioning body the Goal? Is having a body that carries you easily through your fast-paced days the Goal?

Because remember that you could weigh a 100 kilos and if you can run/climb up 2 flights of stairs then you’re fit & healthy but if at 50 Kilos you aren’t able to do any of that, then there is something very very wrong!

5.      Weight-Loss Regimes Don’t Fail. We Do!

Again the problem of incorrect expectations…You certainly did not gain all that weight in a month so then is it in any way logical to expect to lose it in a month or less? Your body will take time to adapt to the new diet and exercise routine and you might not see any traction in weight-loss or inch-loss till then. But when it happens, there will be no stopping you!

6.      The Race is Only With Yourself

Stop it! Just stop it! Stop feeling bad about other people losing weight faster than you, or being able to Diet better, or for doing way more exercise than you. You are unique and so is your body! Listen to your body and do what is best for you. If a 30 minute walk works for you then do that every day. If hitting the gym works for you, do that. Push yourself to your own limits, not what other people have set for themselves.

7.      Knowledge is the First & Best Weapon!

Whenever you start on a project or a new job, you research the subject to death. Then why not the same approach for Weight-Loss, perhaps the single most important project in your life? Read books, read articles, read blogs and calibrate them. Do not believe blindly in what anyone tells you just because it worked for them. Again, you are unique, so your weight-loss and healthy-body journey will also be unique.

All in all, stay positive, don’t give up hope and exercise every day. And listen to your body…it’s telling you something far more important that what any so-called weight-loss expert will!

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