7 Awesome Tricks To Crank Up Your Body's Metabolism
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7 Awesome Tricks To Crank Up Your Body’s Metabolism

7 Awesome Tricks To Crank Up Your Body’s Metabolism

Ever wondered why your skinny friend eats so much and still doesn’t gain weight. Well you must have surely figured out that they have a “blessed” metabolism. Do not fret and curse yourself, because you too can learn simple tricks that can help improve metabolism. Stop by and learn 7 simple tricks to up your metabolism.

1.Love yourself

Everyone is unique and so are you! Stay positive and be happy. Being in a happy state of mind sends positive signals to your body which in turn motivates you to do everything you love to. It makes you more active and energetic. You care for yourself and that’s how you care for your health.

2.Eat within one hour of rising

Kick start your day with a healthy morning snack like nuts or low fat milk within the first hour after wake up. And why??? It helps get the body engine aka metabolism run and keeps it high all through the day.

3.Feed your body at regular intervals of 3 hours:

Surprised that you are being asked to eat at short intervals? It signals the body that it would be provided with a regular supply of food every three hours, helping the body utilize the food consumed for energy and none will get stored as fat. Not just that, it prevents you from over stuffing at any meal.

4.Physical activity spread across the day

We have always been made to believe that doing one hour of physical activity everyday, is all that it takes to burn calories, but that isn’t entirely true. What helps in a long run is performing small spurts of activity throughout the day rather than only localizing on one particular time of the day to be active. As these become a part of your lifestyle and let you stay active all day. E.g., taking the stairs, strolling around the office premises, walking to your car / bus stand / train station, taking a short stroll in between meals, etc.

5.Fiber, fiber & more fiber

Fiber does wonders in digestion. It helps release glucose slowly avoiding a glucose load in the body. Not just that, it binds to fat and eliminates it from the body. So add that colorful yummy salad to your meals. Fiber makes you full with the least amount of calories!  Hog on to it without worrying!

6.Keep your protein intake in check

The target is to get the fat weight down and build up the muscles for a balanced body weight. Adding protein source to your meals is quintessential. A good amount of protein in the body ensures that the body doesn’t break down your muscles for energy. It also keeps you full for longer and tones up your body by acting as the building blocks. Protein sources like whole pulses/daals/lean chicken/fish/nuts/milk and milk products can be included into your meals

7.Flush out the toxins with water

Hydrate your body and flush out the everyday toxins with a minimum of 12 glasses of water. Start your day with a glass of warm water on empty stomach to kick start the metabolism and make it last.

So what are you waiting for? Get started Today!!!

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