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5 Tips on Staying Organized And Saving Time

Do we all like staying organized? I guess not! But if we knew all the chaos we could avoid just by organizing little things in our life, we would love it. Staying organized means having daily tasks in order and pre-planned. All it takes is going step by step and adopting smart ways to organize our daily tasks.

During the day you may drag yourself in many directions because of different situations, so you can try out some simple tricks which will keep you on track throughout the day and make you feel on top of your busy schedule ;

1) Make A To-Do List:

Every time before you start your day or a day prior in fact, make sure to make a complete to-do list which you have to accomplish next day. By doing this you don’t have to depend on yourself to remember everything. Simply tick off the task done for the day. Utilizing your phone to make a checklist makes it easier as your phone is always with you. What’s best about this is you won’t forget a thing as everything is being ticked off.

2) Track your daily activities:

Monitor what you do on a daily basis and make a note of how much time you spend doing it. This will help you plan the day such that you aren’t stuffing it with too much work. This will give you an idea of a definite time you need to keep aside for daily tasks. 

3) Keep track of your work:

Handling numerous work & deadlines adds to confusion and mess. Keep a track of pending work and pile them in order of deadline. Avoid procrastinating daily tasks, so that all your work is done bang on time. But remember the Eisenhower method “The urgent are not important, and the important are never urgent.”

4) Classify interruptions:

Try to avoid small talk or useless chit-chat and social networking sites uses during work. These things will distract you from work. Well, that includes surfing on Facebook, Instagram etc which we tend to do involuntarily. But do not forget to take brain breaks in between work.

5) Use reminders:

Use different types of reminders like sticky notes or voice or text alerts; this will help you to remember important work or deadlines. This even applies to water and activity breaks.

Did all of the above seem a task? I don’t think so. Staying organized isn’t that tough, is it? Little efforts towards organizing your days will reward you a better thought process, peace of mind, higher productivity, and more time with family & friends which means a happier you. Let’s get set & go.


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