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3 Smart Ways to Unbloat Your Tummy!

We’re sure that there are a lot of mornings when you feel that your tummy enters the room before you do…

We’re not talking about those extra kilos of abdominal fat that gives your navel area that distinctive little bulge but that overall distention that makes zipping your jeans an act of torture some days. But not anymore!

Make sure that your tummy spilling over your belt  isn’t the first thing everyone sees about you.

Try these 3 smart ways to reduce your curvy little paunch to a flat field of delight…

1. Have a Salt-Free Night

A high intake of salt, leads to water retention. And water retention is one of the chief causes for a nice little tummy bloat. So the day you want to wake up feeling svelte and slim, simply have a salt-free night, i.e avoid salt after 6 pm.

And wake up to a noticeably flatter tummy.

2. Scarf down more fibre

One of the chief causes of bloating is constipation, which is caused by a low-fibre diet. Yes, all those processed foods you’re eating aren’t helping – biscuits, white rice and pasta, chips and other junk food – namely if its white and comes in a bag or a box, then its going to jam up your intestines.

Have a big day coming…shift to high-fibre foods a week in advance – green veggies, fruits and high-fibre cereals – and see the difference.

3. Hold that Tummy In

Stomach in, chest out, back straight!

These army guys sure know their stuff. Holding your tummy in for long periods of time throughout the day not only helps improve your posture, but also tones and strengthens the abs and lower back. And doing a few crunches daily…that can only be a good thing, no matter which way you look at it.

PS: Health Disclaimer & Other Opinions

We haven’t touched upon IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), Flatulence due to inability to digest gassy or lactose-based foods as well as various medical conditions that lead to excessive & regular bloating. So if you’re facing this problem persistently, do consult your physician.

also, we’re aware that there are as many opinions as there are experts. And in DIY Weight-loss what works for one, may not necessarily work for another, so do check out these other interesting articles that may float your boat. Cheers!



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