19 Healthy Restaurant Meals | Eat This Not That
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19 Healthy Restaurant Meals | Eat This Not That

19 Healthy Restaurant Meals | Eat This Not That

We all love eating outside food. Be it an occasion or not, we seldom would miss an opportunity to indulge. But if you are planning to limit your calories or following a diet regime, you may hesitate or wonder what would be the right choice while dining out.

Here’s listing of 19 healthy restaurant foods to indulge in without feeling the guilt:


Soya / Tofu Sandwich in Multigrain Bread – It is a good combination of protein and fiber. But ask to be served without mayo/butter.


Lemon Coriander Clear Soup  – It is low in calories and makes a good pre-meal appetizer. You can add chicken for taste.



Grilled Chicken / Fish / Paneer Sizzler –  It’s not just yummy, but it fills you up and gives a good dose of protein. Ask for your sizzler without cheese and fries.



Hummus with Pita Bread – With moderate calories, it is a healthy source of protein, fat, and calcium.


Paneer / Chicken / Fish Tikka Wrap / Sandwich – Makes a good nutritious single meal. Ask for the whole wheat wrap. Ask to be prepared without mayo/butter.



Chicken / Fish Steak – It is high in protein and super healthy. Combine it with a bowl of clear soup


Tabbouleh – This Middle Eastern salad is a great combination of healthy fibrous bulgur and finely chopped vegetables and tastes awesome too.


Salads with Curd / Mustard Sauce – Ask for salads of your choice to be served with curd or mustard sauce dressing. Also, just olive oil or lemon dressing is also a good idea.


Steamed Stuffed Mushroom Cups – This healthy starter is a sinful indulgence for mushroom lovers.


Steamed Momos – Everyone loves momos. They are quite healthy for a snack. But limit the portion size to not more than 3-4.


Whole Wheat Pasta with Red Sauce – An all time favorite, the whole wheat gives it the healthy twist and veggies add fiber! Why not the white sauce? Well, it gets too cheesy!


Grilled Fish / Chicken / Fish with Sautéed Vegetables  – This simple sautéed dish with a bit of sauce is quite tasty, filling and nutritious at the same time. Can have a small bread or combine with a bowl of clear soup would make you a wholesome meal.


Multigrain Sandwiches (Without Mayo / Butter) – Isn’t it a known fact that a combination of whole grains and veggies are healthiest to have? But…watch out for added calories like mayo and butter. Make it healthy with a chutney spread instead.


Subway – Subs remain one of the healthiest fast food chains to date. Opt for a Salad or a Sub with low-fat sauces – onion, mustard, and barbeque.


Indian Thali – The good old traditional Indian thali is the ultimate healthy meal when out but of course, minus the dessert and deep fried starters.


Thin Crust Pizza – Surprising right? But if you ask for a thin crust pizza, you are limiting your carb intake by almost half. But occasional indulgence is advisable.


 Pasta Salad – Any pasta of your choice combined with whole loads of vegetables is quite a nutritious choice.


Couscous Salad – Couscous is rich in vitamins and minerals like calcium, phosphorus, selenium, potassium, magnesium, folate and is also rich in fiber. These promote a healthy digestive system.


Fruit Yogurt – Simple yummy nutritious low-calorie dessert. Good for weight watchers.


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