10 Reasons You Should Include Yoga in Your Life
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Why Should Yoga Be A Part Of Your Life?

yogaYoga has countless benefits – physically, psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually. While some practice yoga for weight loss, managing hypertension, lowering cholesterol, and other physical reasons, many people adopt the practice to enjoy a peaceful life. Whatsoever the reason be, those who include yoga as a quintessential ingredient of their lives are bound to enjoy a higher quality of life. So why should you adopt Yoga? Let’s see!

Here are the 10 Reasons You Should Include Yoga in Your Life

1. Helps with weight management

Through the twists and bends and cleansing practices, yoga stimulates detoxification, the preliminary requirement for effective weight loss. Also, it promotes better metabolism and fat burning potential. Regular practice of yoga also helps to reduce stress, thereby lowering cortisol, the primary culprit behind the dreaded belly fat.
Yoga also improves muscle mass and tones and shapes up the body. In short, it helps you eliminate the excess fat and gives you a wonderful shape.

2. Stronger bones and joints

Various balancing postures of yoga improve bone density and strengthen the joints and bones. This cuts down the risks of osteoporosis, fractures, and arthritis through bone loss.

3. Improves muscle tone and strength

Asanas strengthen the muscles and offer them a proper definition. The increased oxygenation through conscious breathing patterns also ensures that the fascia remains flexible, thereby improving muscle tone and strength.

4. Corrects postural imbalances

Sitting in front of the PC for longer durations, improper standing and sleeping postures, and lifting weights the incorrect way disrupts the posture. Studies reveal that people who practice yoga regularly have better posture and less pain. Yoga poses make the spine longer, stronger, and more supple. This also helps to ease postural troubles, including back pain and cervical issues.

5. Helps with menstruation and menopausal issues

Yoga could help to ease menstrual woes, including water retention, bloating, dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, and irregular menstrual cycles. Various restorative and balancing poses are also known to help with menopausal symptoms management, including hot flashes and osteoporosis.

6. Keeps diabetes under control

Various yoga poses and Pranayama techniques could help to improve insulin sensitivity, lower anti-diabetic drugs usage, promote weight loss, and curb spiraling sugar levels. Yoga also helps to lower stress, one of the primary contributing factors to Type II Diabetes. Yoga, when practiced regularly, gives the diabetic patients a chance to enjoy a better lifestyle.

7. Therapeutic for stress and anxiety

Lower stress and anxiety are two reasons why many people opt for doing yoga. And, yes, studies have proven that yoga poses, especially inversions and restorative poses do lower cortisol. Simultaneously, various asanas and Pranayama techniques uplift the mood by triggering the secretion of feel-good hormones, dopamine, and serotonin.

8. Good for healthy digestive system

Yoga poses ease digestive woes including hyperacidity, bloating, and flatulence. Certain poses like Pavanamuktasana works directly on the abdomen, offering immediate relief. Regular practice of Vajrasana, the Thunderbolt Pose, is known to boost digestive fire. In addition, the yogic twists ensure that toxins are expelled, thereby offering relief from constipation.

9. Helps with blood pressure management

Conscious breathing practices promote better oxygen intake, thereby improving circulation and keeping the blood pressure under control.

10. Gifts a good night’s sleep

A 15-minute gentle yoga session before bedtime helps you sleep better. Studies suggest that yoga is therapeutic for insomnia as well.

Last, but not the least, regular practice of yoga could help you lead a better life. So choose your reason and make yoga a part of your life!

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