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& weight loss coach
Lose weight, get fitter and healthier
with your own personal coach, on your mobile.

Built for your convenience

No more wasting time visiting your coach, now your coach comes to you.
Get instant real-time coaching from expert dieticians and fitness trainers as well as your diet & fitness plans on your mobile.




What to do
Follow the daily diet & fitness targets given
by your obino coach to get to your goal.


Doing it everyday
Get support & encouragement from your
obino coach to help you stick to your daily plans.

What's working
Identify the right lifestyle habits to
manage your weight with the knowledge
of your obino coach.

Your body! Your life!
Lose weight, get fitter & healthier.
Become an inspiration to your family and friends.

Choose your plan and get started today!

Fat Burner Program

  • Target problem areas and get back your youthful figure
  • Fit into that special outfit for that upcoming occasion
  • Get rid of post pregnancy or post marriage bulge

Power Up Program

  • Improve your mental & physical fitness levels
  • Build better focus, concentration and alertness
  • Be productive without sacrificing your good health

Health Advance Program

  • Control your cholesterol, sugar levels or blood pressure
  • Modify your lifestyle to avoid diseases
  • Just live a healthier & fitter lifestyle

**Results vary basis how stringently our Guidelines are followed.

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